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Urdu Voiceover

Urdu – or Modern Standard Urdu – is the national language of Pakistan, as well as five Indian states. Mutually intelligible with Standard Hindi, Urdu can be used to communicate with tens of millions of people across the world, including the 65 million native speakers. Lingosphere Group is an innovative and global leader in multimedia localization, providing clients of all industries professional quality Urdu voiceovers recorded and produced from our advanced studio located in the heart of New York City.

The fourth most widely spoken language at your fingertips

Apart from a specialized vocabulary, Urdu and Hindi are mutually intelligible. When considered the same language – Hindi-Urdu is the fourth most widely spoken language on the planet, behind only Mandarin Chinese, English, and Spanish.

Localizing your multimedia messages to an Urdu-speaking population is one of the most effective ways to globally expand your market. We provide Urdu voiceover services to clients for a variety of reasons, including to localize web video content, audio recordings, tutorials, marketing materials/videos, e-learning courses and more.

Our Urdu voiceover team is comprised of a voiceover talent – whose tone of voice and style of delivery will be appropriate for your audience – a language professional – who will ensure complete accuracy of the voiceover translation – and a production engineer – who specializes in translation recordings. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure a final Urdu voiceover project that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Learn how we can help you convey your message to a wider Urdu speaking population. Contact us today to get a quote for our Urdu voiceover services.

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