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Somali Voiceover

With the seemingly incessant unrest and focus honed in on Somalia, it’s no wonder that businesses, non-profits and other organizations are looking for ways to connect and communicate with the Somalian population. Whether it’s to reach out to offer aid or to help rebuild a country with an eye toward the future, anyone looking to expand their message into Somalia, or to Somalians, needs the expertise of a Somali voiceover specialist.

As a leader in multimedia localization, Lingosphere Group has the expertise and ability to localize your video, web, and audio content. We provide precise Somali voiceover recordings and translations that will help you connect to this corner of the world.

Somali recordings and translations

Somali, alongside Arabic, is one of the two official languages of Somalia. The language is divided into three groups, based on region, including: Northern, Benadir, and Maay. Northern Somali forms the basis of Standard Somali, however, each dialect has a substantial representation in the population.

When localizing your web, audio and video recordings into Somali, you must consider the regional variances of each of the dialects. In a country where regions vary so greatly – in political beliefs, social actions and cultural perspectives – your Somali voiceovers must accurately and appropriately represent the specific Somalian population you’re aiming to target.

At Lingosphere, we ensure that your Somali voiceover recordings and translations are localized to your intended audience, in a manner and way that helps you effectively expand your message.

Learn how we can help you convey your message to a wider Somali speaking population. Contact us today to get a quote for our Somali voiceover services.

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