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Nepali Voiceover

Nepali – or Nepalese – can be a challenging language to understand and translate, particularly if your chosen agency doesn’t have extensive experience specializing with the language. At Lingosphere Group, among our team of translators (who represent more than 150 languages), we have a strong core of Nepali voiceover specialists capable of localizing your multimedia messages to reach your global audience.

Nepali recordings and translations

It’s one thing to provide written translations of a language; however, recordings of a language offer new and more challenging obstacles. Not all translation agencies can provide a professional level voiceover recording for their clients – they have neither the voice talent nor equipment to do so.

However, at Lingosphere, we’ve positioned ourselves as global leaders of multimedia localization. We are equal parts translation experts and production gurus. Our team of Nepali voiceover specialists consists of a certified Nepali linguist (who oversees the entire translation process), a voiceover talent (who will deliver your message in a recording that’s powerful, persuasive, and precise) and a recording engineer (who has specific knowledge capturing and producing language translation recordings).

Our team ensures that your original message is preserved in its truest form, and adapted as needed to speak to your Nepali audience. We do this not only through the word choice and structure of your translated voiceover, but also in the manner in which the message is delivered. Our goal is to create a Nepalese voiceover recording that helps you expand your market.

Learn how we can help you convey your message to a wider Nepali speaking population. Contact us today to get a quote for our Nepali voiceover services.

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