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Japanese Voiceover

Lingosphere Group is an industry leading translation and production company for Japanese voiceover productions. Using only top-tier voice talents, and our state-of-the-art recording studio located in downtown New York City, we provide professional level Japanese voiceovers for television, radio, productions, sales and marketing material, online content, and e-learning courses.

Japanese voice over and translation for Cisco produced by Lingosphere

Voiceovers for one of the world’s most complex yet beautiful languages – Japanese

Japanese is a complex language, because it features a significant pitch accent. Depending on the status of the speaker, listener, and persons mentioned on conversation, a large variety of honorifics and verb forms are used. To complicate matters even more, Japanese is filled with homonyms, which are words pronounced the same way, but have different meanings.

Entrusting your project with someone who doesn’t have specialized training in Japanese voiceovers and translations could result in disastrous outcomes. Not only is it important to convey your message with the right word choices, but you must also deliver your message using the right tone, approach, and honorifics.

How we help you with your Japanese voiceover needs

At Lingosphere, our Japanese voiceover specialists work closely with you to solidify your message, get a deeper understanding of your target market, and to ensure that they fully understand the type of message you’re trying to convey. By committing to this preparation work, before the voiceover recording, we’re able to provide you a final Japanese voiceover production that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Learn how we can help you convey your message globally. Contact us today to get a quote for our Japanese voiceover services.

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