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Finnish Voiceover

As the official language of Finland, and an official minority language of Sweden, Finnish is a popular world language that features many unique variances. Lingosphere Group is a global leader in providing Finnish voiceover services for companies looking to expand to international audiences.

A concentrated language, but expansive nonetheless

A majority of the five million native Finnish speakers reside within Finland, although pockets of the Finnish-speaking population reside in areas including Estonia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden, Norway and the United States.

Finnish is part of the Nordic Language Convention act, meaning that Nordic-country citizens who speak Finnish can use their native language in official settings without the burden of translation costs.

The Nordic region of the world is a technologically advanced, and relatively affluent region, which is why so many businesses are excited to expand there. At Lingosphere, we help companies localize their multimedia messages – including all video and audio recordings – to convey their messages effectively to a wider audience.

Our Finnish voiceover team includes a skilled Finnish linguist professional, a voice over talent whose style and tone will match your vision,and a recording engineer who’ll perfect your final project.

Our team works cohesively from within our state-of-the-art recording studio in the heart of New York City, to provide you a Finnish voiceover translation that helps you win over new audiences in the foreign market.

Learn how we can help you convey your message to a wider Finnish speaking population. Contact us today to get a quote for our Finnish voiceover services.

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