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English Voiceover

Lingosphere Group has the largest database of voice over specialists, allowing us to offer clients across the globe the most comprehensive and effective English voiceover services.

English voiceovers – the most requested service

While other languages are gaining in popularity across the globe, English remains the most popular language requested for voiceover work. Whether clients need voiceovers for audio recordings, marketing materials, e-learning courses, tutorials, employee/staff content or even web content, Lingosphere has the resources and voice talent to provide flawless English voiceovers.

English voice over for Linked In produced by Lingosphere

Voiceovers and translations perfected in our NYC studio

Unlike most other translation agencies, we don’t outsource our multimedia work to a third party company. We have solidified ourselves as an industry leader in multimedia localization, meaning we conduct all translations and recordings in-house. Our state of the art recording studio in the heart of NYC is outfitted with the latest technologies and equipment, all operated by producers and engineers who are trained to specifically handle language translation projects.

Each of our projects is overseen by a language professional who ensures that translations and voice recordings are performed to perfection. Throughout the process our Lingosphere team keeps in mind the overall message you’re trying to convey, while also factoring in any cultural nuances of your target audience. Through careful monitoring, reviews, and testing, we provide the most professional sounding, and looking, English voiceover recordings to all of our clients.

Learn how we can help you convey your message to a wider English population. Contact us today to get a quote for our English voiceover services.

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