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With the world’s largest voiceover database composed of talented and professional voiceover specialists, Lingosphere Group is an industry leader in providing Chinese voiceover services in a variety of industries, for video tutorials, marketing materials, audio recordings and much more.

Chinese voice over and translation for Corel produced by Lingosphere

When you reach the Chinese population, you reach 1 billion people

There are very few people who don’t realize that Chinese is not just one of the world’s most influential languages, but it has also become an important language in terms of global business. Whereas two decades ago English was the international language for business, Chinese has now become the language to learn.

But, with nearly 1/5th of the world speaking Chinese, there are significantly unique dialects that make up Chinese. Some of the more widely known dialects include Mandarin, We, and Min. Targeting these dialects can prove to be a challenge to any voiceover specialist.

Offering Chinese voiceovers localized to your market

At Lingosphere, we have a team of Chinese voiceover specialists who provide clients with localized voiceovers for a variety of projects, including e-learning courses, web media, dubbing for television, radio and much more.

Our voiceover talent professionals are expert in a variety of industries, thus allowing us to provide you a voice talent who understands the message he or she is delivering, as well as the audience to whom he delivers it. What this does is provide you a final voiceover project that not only conveys your message with accurate words, but does so in a tone and manner that matches your original intent.

Learn how we can help you convey your message globally. Contact us today to get a quote for our Chinese voiceover services.

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