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Burmese Voiceover

As a tonal, pitch-register, and syllable-timed language, Burmese is a particularly difficult language to speak. As a result, being able to create precise and accurate Burmese voiceover recordings can be a challenge. But Lingosphere Group – as the innovative leader of multimedia localization – has the team, resources, and technology to provide flawless Burmese voiceover translations and recordings to businesses looking to expand globally.

Accurate Burmese voiceover recordings and translations

Burmese is the official language of Burma, and is spoken by 32 million people as their first language, and yet another 10 million people as their second language. It’s a largely monosyllabic and analytic language, which can be a challenge when you try to localize your video and audio content.

Your goal with the messages you’re localizing for an international audience is to win over new customers or clients, while reaching a new market organically. Conforming to the restrictions found within the Burmese language can be a challenge, as you look to “win over” this new market.

At Lingosphere, we have extensive experience providing Burmese voiceover recordings and translations for a number of projects, including marketing materials, e-learning courses, training videos, web content and more. Using our expert linguists, voice over talent, and production engineers, we create a flawless Burmese voiceover recording that conveys your message and reaches your audience in a language and tone they truly understand.

While localizing your message into Burmese can be problematic for most, for Lingosphere, it’s a welcomed challenge.

Learn how we can help you convey your message to a wider Burmese speaking population. Contact us today to get a quote for our Burmese voiceover services.

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