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Bengali Voiceover

With more than 250 million speakers worldwide, Bengali is currently ranked as the seventh most spoken language. With this many speakers across the globe, it’s essential that businesses looking to spread their message to new frontiers localize their content into Bengali. Lingosphere can help. We provide professional quality Bengali voiceover recordings and translations for businesses of all industries who want to reach an international audience.

Helping you expand to a Bengali speaking population

Aside from being the official language of Bangladesh, Bengali is also one of the official languages recognized by the Republic of India. Within the definition of “Bengali” exists a variety of dialects, which are often grouped into four clusters: Rarh, Banga, Kamarupa and Varendra. Each of these dialects – while mutually intelligible – contain specific attributes and characteristics that represent the regions from which they originate.

When localizing your media into Bengali, it’s important that your Bengali voiceover provider takes into consideration the regional variances of your specific target market. As the leader in Bengali voiceover services, Lingosphere has a team of Bengali linguists who are expert in the the many dialects of the language, as well as the cultural nuances of each region that may impact the way Bengali is spoken and understood.

We team up our linguists with Bengali voice talents – who’ll convey your message in an appropriate and effective manner – as well as a production engineer, who has extensive background working specifically with language translation projects.

As the innovator and leader of multimedia localization, Lingosphere will help you reach your target market.

Learn how we can help you convey your message to a wider Bengali speaking population. Contact us today to get a quote for our Bengali voiceover services.

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