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Arabic Voiceover

Lingosphere Group is an industry-leading provider of Arabic voiceover services and translations, with a team of voiceover specialists specifically focused on helping businesses expand to the growing Arabic population.

Arabic – a fast-growing language with an expansive reach

Arabic is a language steeped in history and tradition, having come from the Classical Arabic language of the 6th century AD. Today, Arabic is spoken throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa, as well as throughout Europe and the Americas.

Its influence in modern language can be heard throughout many cultures. Other languages have borrowed words form Arabic, including Persian, Turkish, Somali, Bosnian, Swahili, Kazakh, Bengali, Urdu, Malay, and Hausa. But, as ancient and rooted as Arabic is, it’s also a language that’s been influenced by others. Hints of Hebrew, English and French are among the languages that can be heard within modern-day Arabic.

With such history and variety, offering Arabic voiceover translations and recordings can be a challenge. However, at Lingosphere, our group of Arabic voiceover specialists has an in-depth knowledge of the Arabic language in all its forms, including the regional variances found across each region. We provide you voiceover talents who can accurately deliver your message in a tone and manner that matches your message’s intent. Our state-of-the-art recording studio, located in the heart of downtown NYC allows us to provide you with a high-quality recording that’s within your budget and meets your expectations.

Learn how we can help you convey your message globally. Contact us today to get a quote for our Arabic voice over services.

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