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When delivering a message through spoken word, the type of voice you use is just as important as the words being spoken. Based on your industry, type of message, and intended audience, you’ll need a specific voice over and dubbing specialist who will represent you and your message, while adequately conveying your message to your target market. Lingosphere is an NYC voiceover agency with a large database of professional voice over specialists capable of delivering your message in more than 150 languages. Our screening process ensures that you’ll be matched with a native-speaking voice and acting talent perfectly suited for your specific project.

From our state-of-the-art recording and production studio in New York City, we can provide professional voice over and dubbing in English as well as most other languages, including:

Types of voice over work we provide

If you’re looking to expand internationally, you have to think outside the box in this digital age. While printed documents, contracts, white papers and more are still a normal part of translation services, today’s business requires more multimedia offerings, such as TV spots, radio commercials, online marketing and training videos and more. Today’s audience, whether domestic or global, demands information be delivered to them in more than words, which is why working with our voice over specialists can help you make the biggest impact.

European Spanish translation and voice over project for Dropbox produced by Lingosphere

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