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The video industry has exploded over the last few years, thanks in large part to a few factors, including the ever-increasing affordability of equipment and the ever-expanding bandwidth capabilities of the Internet. Sites like YouTube and Vimeo merely scratch the surface of how and where companies can use videos to expand their message to an international audience. Of course, simply posting a video online is not enough to connect to audiences from different backgrounds. Video localization is the art and science of converting not just dialogue, but images, color, music, editing, and much more, into a format that makes sense to your global audience.

As one of the leading providers of video localization in NYC, Lingosphere Group has helped blaze trails in this new and exciting form of localization. Our team of localization experts, alongside or state-of-the-art studio in Manhattan, position us to offer our clients the most complete and professional video localization services found anywhere in NYC.

The importance of video localization in NYC

In today’s digital age, communicating with people from other backgrounds (whether your audience is here in NYC, or overseas), requires more than the conversion of texts. The way we think in our culture is not the same as how others think. Certain colors in the US conjure specific emotions, whereas they’d conjure a whole set of different emotions in China, for example. In Japan, videos are often edited using a much different approach than the clean editing we see here. When we provide video localization, we do more than engage our team of linguistic experts and translators. We assign our clients with a multimedia project manager who is an expert in the type of total video conversion your project needs in order to convey your message as it’s intended to be told.

Unlike many other video localization agencies in NYC, at Lingosphere we can handle your entire project from start to end. We don’t need to hire out for translators; we don’t need to outsource for recording. We do everything in-house, allowing us to oversee and streamline the entire project, and in turn save our clients significant money.

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