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Video Game Localization

Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based localization agency providing state-of-the-art video game localization services in order to help companies prepare their products for global audiences. With video games growing in popularity among all ages, it’s vital that a game manufacturer or seller not only translate the words spoken within their product, but that they fully localize their games in order to successfully reach out to foreign audiences. Lingosphere can help.

Spanish translation and voiceover project for Sony produced by Lingosphere


Video games aren’t just about words

Video games are popular because of the total entertainment they provide to users. This entertainment includes all things audio and visual. We respond to everything we see and hear in a video game, which is why video game localization is an important step to take when pushing your product overseas. Video game localization includes factoring in linguistic and cultural differences, as well as making graphical and musical changes in order to ensure that your product is conveying the message it intends to convey.

Localization also incorporates the technical

Different regions of the world use a variety of technologies with their video gaming. For example, the re-mapping of hotkeys, gameplay modifications, and the shift between PAL and NTSC are all factors that a video-game localizer will be able to consider when working with you.

Video games are designed to challenge users at their own level and pace. That’s a significant contributing factor to why they are so popular. But one’s level and pace can vary greatly based on their social and cultural upbringing. Being able to adapt to these differences can be the difference between succeeding overseas and not.

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