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Technical translations are among the trickiest for any translation agency to provide to clients because of the complex nature of the technical terms involved. Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based translation agency with a team of expert technical translators able to provide you with translations for all of your technical-based projects.

Brazilian Portuguese voice over and translation project for Alcoa produced by Lingosphere

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Linguists with a technology background

Far too many translators today claim the ability to translate for any niche or industry. But that simply just isn’t a possibility. These translators end up breathing life into the phrase: Jack of all Trades – Master of None. When working with a translator, you want a master of the trade, someone who understands your target language and culture, as well as the culture of your niche.

At Lingosphere Group, we work only with technical translators who have demonstrated a mastery of their industry. Oftentimes this requires us to hire translators who are professionals in the world of technology, be it in data architecture, programming, IT or most other fields. By working with industry-experienced contractors, we can provide our clients with a translated product that lives up to their expectations.

Types of corporate translations we offer

At Lingosphere, we can translate a variety of technical material, here are a few types:

    • Agreements
    • Contracts
    • Data Sheets
    • Operation Manuals
    • Production
    • Proposals
    • Specification Sheets
    • Standards
    • Technical Instruction Manuals
    • Technical Research/Analysis Reports
    • Technical Video
    • Testing Instructions/Requirements

Technology is more than text documents

While behind the scenes, technology is a series of written text and numbers, on the user’s end, technology comes in many forms. Your technology-based projects might come in the form of documents, videos, audio recordings, or even web content. At Lingosphere, our team of technology translators can provide you a finished product in whatever medium you require. Our state-of-the-art recording and production studio in downtown NYC allows us to create high-quality recordings and voice-overs in any format you require.

Learn how we can help your message reach a wider audience. Contact us today to get a quote for our technical translation services.

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