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On its own, Swedish has nearly 9 million speakers; however, as it’s mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Danish, its influence and impact affect many more. Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based translation agency providing businesses with professional Swedish translations for a variety of industries, including legal, financial, medical and more.

Standard and Rinkeby Swedish

While the majority of Swedish speakers are found in one specific region of the world, there are variations to the way people communicate in Swedish. Standard Swedish is based on the dialects spoken around Stockholm, and is called rikssvenska or standardsvenska. There are subtle variations of dialects found in the outskirts of Sweden; however, most of the structural components of these dialects are similar.

Rinkeby Swedish refers to the varieties of Swedish spoken by young people who hail from different countries. These dialects vary greatly based upon the regional origin of the speaker. While most Swedes speak Standard Swedish well, Sweden is a popular country for foreigners, which is why it’s important to be able to target and rich foreign-born Swedes who speak with a slight variation of Standard Swedish.

Lingosphere Group has a team of professional Swedish translators made up of translators who are well studied in the language and culture of Sweden and its diverse population. We match our clients with translators who can localize their message, factoring regional and cultural nuances as well as the subject matter of the original message.

Swedish industry translation

  • Swedish automotive translation
  • Swedish advertising translation
  • Swedish corporate translation
  • Swedish environmental translation
  • Swedish government translation
  • Swedish IT translation
  • Swedish marketing translation
  • Swedish non-profit translation
  • And more >

Swedish translation specialties

  • Swedish business translation
  • Swedish document translation
  • Swedish financial translation
  • Swedish legal translation
  • Swedish medical translation
  • Swedish multimedia translation
  • Swedish technical translation
  • Swedish website translation
  • And more >

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