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At Lingosphere we have experts in major programming languages including C, C++, Visual basic, Java, PHP, ASP, as well as WordPress. The software localization process includes the following:
  • Software review of the assets involved (resources, executables, read me, installer scripts, help files, and documentation) to determine what is required to localize your products in the platforms/languages required, and to ensure the source file is complete so that the localized product can be compiled. Our software engineers need to rebuild the source version of the software at this stage.
  • In the case of working with Asian languages as well as Greek, Russian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European languages we would preferably require the main source version of your product’s code to be double-byte enabled. If not, we would determine what is required to convert your code to support double-byte (or multi-byte) characters.
  • Development/translation of Glossary of terms based on the client’s previous work, in order to provide our translators with TMs that would be useful to ensure consistency in terminology across every aspect of the localization project, as well as creating a foundation for all future localization work. Our translators use Trados 5 (or up). Other CAT tools are available upon request.
  • At this stage we require the client to provide all relevant information regarding the piece of software in question (user’s interaction, functions, etc) as well as specific instructions on any backend login and features.
  • Linguistic localization of all text, sound effects, marketing material and so on.
Lingosphere has extensive resources and detailed processes to ensure the management of your complete software localization is a seamless development. Accordingly, your global customers will be able to interact with your software in their own language and in a setting that is comfortable to them. Lingosphere employs project consultants who will offer guidance and advice throughout the entire software translation process; we guarantee accurate and affordable delivery of your localized software

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