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pros2What is a professional translator?

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood professions in the world is that of a professional translator. What exactly is a professional translator, and when might you need one?

Professional translators are individuals who are experts in the art and science of translations. These translators typically focus on one, or 2 – 3, languages as their specialty, while also focusing on specific industries, such as mining, financial, technical, medical or legal. Professional translators go beyond the simple translation of one word for another. Translators have an in-depth connection and understanding with the culture of both target and source languages, as well as current-day idioms, slang and dialect.

A professional translator is capable of converting text by adapting one’s language and tone to match the needs of the target audience. This is why it’s so important to work with a translator who specializes in your industry, in order to ensure that the final translation conveys your message accurately.

When would I need a professional translator?

Every business looks to move in the same direction – upward. In today’s global economy, moving upward means moving internationally. Even if you never plan to do business outside of your country, no longer can you assume that your domestic market speaks one language. People are far more likely to buy your product or service if your message is delivered to them in their native tongue. Professional translators can help you reach your market by translating:

  • Documents such as contracts/proposals
  • Ad & marketing campaigns
  • Websites and online materials
  • Audio recordings such as radio commercials
  • Video recordings (dubbing, subtitling) for training, marketing and more

Reach a wider audience with the confidence of a professionally translated message. Lingosphere can help.

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