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With online tools making translations seemingly easy to access, many people and businesses believe that the do-it-yourself approach is completely safe and secure in terms of translations. However, more often than not the mistranslations that are bound to happen when you work with an online tool or unprofessional translator can cost you and your business large sums of money as well as your reputation.

Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based professional translation services company with the experience, reputation, and resources to provide you with the level of translation your business requires and deserves.

Bilingual does not make a professional translator

These days it’s common to find a colleague, friend, or family member who speaks a second language and ask them to help you in your time of need. Let’s say, for example, you’re in need of a French translation for a contract you’re drawing up for a new client. You decide to enlist the help of your colleague who can speak both French and English. You, of course, feel that your document is in good hands, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Bilingual, or even fluent speakers don’t make a person a professional translator. Professional translators undergo extensive training to provide you more than just the conversion of one word to another. Translators are well versed in the industry in which they are translating, and continuously expose themselves to the culture of the region they are translating to. That way they can ensure your audience fully understands the message relayed to them, in the exact manner you intended.

At Lingosphere, we offer translations in more than 150 languages for industries ranging from medical, to legal, financial, government and more. Our number one priority is to capture your original message and convey it to your target audience, regardless what language they speak.

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