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arabicWe are a Professional Translation Agency

A professional translation agency should be able to provide you with precise, professional translations regardless of the language or industry you’re working within. Using unskilled translators for jobs with such high requirements is never an option. As a leader in translations, we at Lingosphere Group understand this, which is why it’s our mission to give you the most accurate translations for your project, whether you’re in need of document translations, voice-overs, web localization or more.

While the world seems to be getting smaller and smaller, languages remain as diverse as ever. And, because we have instant access to every country, it seems even more important now than before to be able to reach out to the masses in whichever language they call their own. But how can you, as a business owner, reach out to such a diverse population of people who speak languages including Korean, Arabic, French, Tagalog, Russian, Mandarin and more?

A professional translation agency helps you reach your global audience

Professional Translation agencies like Lingosphere Group compile a large team of translators who, in total, speak more than 150 languages, putting us in a position to help you expand to a global market, regardless of which region of the world you’re targeting. Our translators are experts in a variety of industries, from legal to medical and beyond, which allows them to provide you an even added layer of expertise while finalizing your translation.

Targeting a diverse population is inevitable, even if you never expand globally. Right here, in the US, our population is more diverse than ever. Whenever you find yourself required to target a foreign market, either right here or abroad, working with a translation agency like Lingosphere can ensure your original message remains intact, regardless of the final language it’s delivered in.

We offer professional translations for written documents, audio recordings, video voice-covers and dubbing, online content and more.

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