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Norwegian, along with the mutually intelligible languages of Swedish and Danish, make up the three major languages of a significant and growing region of the world – Scandinavia. As businesses look to expand globally, reaching the Norwegian population is an important step to take. Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based language translation agency with a team of professional Norwegian translation experts ready to covert your documents, videos, audio recordings and online content into Norwegian.

Struggling with no standard spoken Norwegian

Most major languages have a standard version that’s referred to as the benchmark for the language. And while there are two official forms of written Norwegian – Bokmal and Nynorsk – there is no officially sanctioned standard of spoken Norwegian.

Translators specializing in written documents may find it easy to refer to these official forms of written Norwegian to ensure the accuracy of their translations. But how can translators who focus on the spoken word provide you a flawless translation with no standard version of spoken Norwegian?

With no standard in place, most Norwegians speak their own dialect, making for an extremely vast and diverse language, based on regions. When you’re looking to expand to the Norwegian population, your translator must be familiar with not only your target audience and their background, but also the various regions of Norway.

Norwegian industry translation

  • Norwegian automotive translation
  • Norwegian advertising translation
  • Norwegian corporate translation
  • Norwegian environmental translation
  • Norwegian government translation
  • Norwegian IT translation
  • Norwegian marketing translation
  • Norwegian non-profit translation
  • And more >

Norwegian translation specialties

  • Norwegian business translation
  • Norwegian document translation
  • Norwegian financial translation
  • Norwegian legal translation
  • Norwegian medical translation
  • Norwegian multimedia translation
  • Norwegian technical translation
  • Norwegian website translation
  • And more >

Based on the regional origin of your audience, your translator must localize your message to match specific linguistic and cultural subtleties. At Lingosphere Group, we have compiled a team of professional Norwegian translators capable of localizing your message to the exact region from which your audience originates.

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