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New York Translation ServicesNew York Translation Services

Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based professional translation agency that provides translation services to businesses in and around New York. As one of the most reputable New York translation agencies in the city, we have a reputation for providing 100% accurate translations for businesses in a variety of industries, including:

- Medical

- Legal

- Non-profit

- Government

- Finance

- And others

Types of New York Translation Services Lingosphere Provides

 Our translation services are as vast and diverse as New York itself. We realize that most, if not all, New York businesses can benefit from the use of professional translations, which is why we provide the following services:

 Providing complete translation services for New York

As a leader in translation services, NYC-based Lingosphere is able to provide our clients with a complete solution for their translation needs. Our state-of-the-art production studio, located in the heart of Manhattan, allows us to provide transcription and voiceover translations for multimedia projects. In addition to our staff of trained engineers, linguists and project managers, we also employ professional certified translators across the globe who work with us to provide our clients with accurate and timely translations in more than 150 of the world’s most widely used (and often seldom used) languages.

How we ensure your translations are accurate for your market and niche

With a large number of our clients based in New York City, we have to be able to accommodate our services to a variety of industries and niches. But how, exactly, can we ensure that the translation we provide to a company looking to market a new product is as accurate and appropriate as a translation we provide for a company looking to translate legal documents?

Our translation process includes matching our clients with certified translators who are experts in two areas:

  1. The languages involved in the project  - most of our clients live in, or spend a considerable amount of time in, the country of their chosen language to ensure that they are kept up-to-date on specific dialects and other cultural influences that affect a language.
  2. The industry of your project – With such an extensive team of translators with whom we work, we’re able to specifically match our clients to translators who are experts in specific fields. Be it auto mechanics, legal, medical or nearly any other professional industry, we’ll have a translator who will not only be able to “speak the language” that you hope to target, but also the industry.

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