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Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based translation agency with a highly experienced team of Korean translators providing professional translations for businesses looking to expand to this market.

The Korean dialects

Despite there being one official language for both North and South Korea (as well as one of the official languages for China’s Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture), the Korean language is rather diverse, and features a variety of dialects. The differences can be seen and heard when comparing the South Korean language (based on the dialect spoken around Seoul) and the North Korean standard Korean, which is the dialect spoken around P’Yongyang.

While the varieties in these two dialects might be, in part, due to geography, you can be certain that varying political climates play a role, as well. Thus, when looking to expand to the Korean market, it’s important that you translate your communications to the “right” audience. The professional translators at Lingosphere Group will localize your translations to your targeted audience, factoring in cultural nuances and regional dialects. That way you can be certain that your final, translated project reaches your audience with the right tone of voice, vocabulary usage, and more.

Korean industry translation

  • Korean automotive translation
  • Korean advertising translation
  • Korean corporate translation
  • Korean environmental translation
  • Korean government translation
  • Korean IT translation
  • Korean marketing translation
  • Korean non-profit translation
  • And more >

Korean translation specialties

  • Korean business translation
  • Korean document translation
  • Korean financial translation
  • Korean legal translation
  • Korean medical translation
  • Korean multimedia translation
  • Korean technical translation
  • Korean website translation
  • And more >

We match our clients with Korean translators who have a specialty in their specific niche, thus if you’re in the need of translating highly technical documents, we’ll provide you a Korean translator with that expertise. This allows us to provide you translations that are flawless and appropriate for your audience.

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