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As a leading translation agency based in the heart of New York City, Lingosphere Group providers professional translations in more than 150 languages, including the language of Hmong – or Mong. Our Hmong translators are experts in a variety of industries, including life sciences, financial, automotive, mining, legal and more, and can provide you with flawless Hmong translations to help you expand your business globally.

Hmong in Laos and the US

Hmong has many dialects, including White, Blue, Green, Flowery, and several others. White and Green are said to be mutually intelligible to a well-trained ear, although the uninitiated might find it hard to find the similarities between these variations.

Within Laos, White Hmong seems to be the preferred language, although there is no official preference. Most educated Hmong speakers choose White Hmong, and most Hmong dictionaries include only the White Hmong dialect.

Green Hmong speakers are far more likely to learn White Hmong than White Hmong speakers are to learn Green, suggesting that knowing White is far more important than Green. However, being able to convey messages in all Hmong dialects is ideal … and possible, with the use of one of our professional Hmong translators.

In the US, nearly 60% of all Hmong speakers use White Hmong, however, nearly 40% of Hmong-speaking Americans do communicate in Green.

While both dialects are, for the most part, mutually intelligible, being able to localize your message to specific regions or cultures can help make your message stand out and have a bigger impact. At Lingosphere Group, we’ll localize your Hmong translation specifically to your target audience and their background and origin.

Hmong industry translation

  • Hmong automotive translation
  • Hmong advertising translation
  • Hmong corporate translation
  • Hmong environmental translation
  • Hmong government translation
  • Hmong IT translation
  • Hmong marketing translation
  • Hmong non-profit translation
  • And more >

Hmong translation specialties

  • Hmong business translation
  • Hmong document translation
  • Hmong financial translation
  • Hmong legal translation
  • Hmong medical translation
  • Hmong multimedia translation
  • Hmong technical translation
  • Hmong website translation
  • And more >

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