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What is the 3 hour FastTrans® guarantee?

The FastTrans® guarantee is a rapid translation service that Lingosphere offers utilizing qualified in-house translators. As many of our skilled translators are in-house employees, we have the ability to quickly assign them to a job that meets the FastTrans® requirements. This service only guarantees 3 hour translations for basic documents in common languages. In order to qualify for a 3 hour translation, your document must meet the following criteria. Your document must:

    • contain 300 words or less
    • be presented in an organized, and legible format
    • can not be overly technical
    • can not require DTP or specific formatting

If your documents meets these needs, then you qualify!

What languages qualify for the FastTrans® guarantee?

At the current time, only a number of languages qualify for the FastTrans® guarantee. Supported languages (to and from English ONLY are):

 If your language is in this list, then you qualify!

Send us details of your qualified FastTrans® translation project and we’ll get right back to you with a free quotation.Contact us today!

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