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Lingosphere Group is a leading provider of document translation services for businesses of all sizes hailing from a wide range of industries. As a leader in translation services, Lingosphere has proven time and time again its ability to provide flawless, professional translations in more than 150 languages.

As businesses grow and expand, it’s inevitable that they venture into foreign markets. Expanding into these markets requires your business to literally speak a new language with your marketing materials, contracts, legal papers, manuals, interoffice documents and more. At Lingosphere we provide you the most accurate translations for all of your communications within your budget and strict timeline.

Types of document translations we offer

Lingosphere translates many types of documents, here is a small list:

    • Academic diplomas
    • Adoption decree
    • Advertisement
    • Birth certificates
    • Certification of Documents
    • Court documents
    • Educational transcripts
    • Financial documents
    • Income statements
    • INS letters
    • International passports and driver’s licences
    • Legal contracts
    • Legal letters
    • Marriage certificates
    • Medical exams
    • Police reports
    • Reference letters
    • Training manuals

No room for mistranslations

Documents that we produce on behalf of your business typically include important information that cannot be mistranslated or misinterpreted. Legal documents need to be exact; safety manuals need to be clear and concise; marketing materials need to convey your message accurately in a manner that speaks to your audience.

Our translators don’t simply translate from one language to another. Doing so will likely compromise your original message. Our translators maintain the overall message of your original document while factoring in the social and cultural nuances of your new market.

Furthermore, we work with a large number of translators, meaning we can pair you with a language professional who also has an extensive background in your specific industry. This can ensure that your final translation is as accurate as possible and speaks to your audience the way you intend it to.

Our Clients Include:

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