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Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based Portuguese translation agency providing Portuguese translations for Brazilian and Portuguese (European) audiences in all forms of media, including video, audio, voice-overs, documents and web-based materials. Our team of translators is capable of providing accurate and professional Portuguese translations for nearly every industry, including medical, legal, financial, government, technical and more.


Brazilian Portuguese voice over and translation project for Alcoa produced by Lingosphere

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The fluidity of Portuguese

Portuguese is considered one of the most beautiful languages on Earth, with many people equating it to a dance, because of its fluidity. Within that fluidity, however, are many specific rules, pronunciations and subtleties that make up the language. A successful Portuguese translation will properly incorporate all of these subtleties naturally in both written and spoken translations so that the audience does not lose sight of the intended message.

There are two specific types of Portuguese  – Brazilian and European – each with its own specific sets of rules, vocabulary and nuances. At Lingosphere, we make sure to determine where, precisely, your audience comes from, and what, if any, social and cultural nuances affect their dialect, so that your final translation serves its intended purpose of conveying your message without confusion.

Our Portuguese translators are experienced in a wide array of industries, ensuring that not only will your final translation represent your targeted language, but it will also address any industry-specific rules and vocabulary that may exist.

Portuguese industry translation

  • Portuguese automotive translation
  • Portuguese advertising translation
  • Portuguese corporate translation
  • Portuguese environmental translation
  • Portuguese government translation
  • Portuguese IT translation
  • Portuguese marketing translation
  • Portuguese non-profit translation
  • And more >

Portuguese translation specialties

  • Portuguese business translation
  • Portuguese document translation
  • Portuguese financial translation
  • Portuguese legal translation
  • Portuguese medical translation
  • Portuguese multimedia translation
  • Portuguese technical translation
  • Portuguese website translation
  • And more >

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