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Italian Translation

Lingosphere Group provides professional Italian translation services to companies in need of converting their documents, videos, audio recording or online content to a foreign market. We employ a large team of Italian translators capable of offering expert translations within a variety of fields, including medical, legal, technical, automotive and more.

Italian translation and voice over project for Microsoft produced by Lingosphere

Reaching the Italian market

While the majority of Italian speakers call Italy home, this language is still rather widespread, including being one of the four official languages of Switzerland. Some 59 million Europeans speak Italian as a native tongue, while in total, more than 85 million people speak it worldwide.

Steeped in tradition, Italians take pride in the flow and rhythm of their language. Whether you’re looking to translate written text or a video/audio recording, it’s important that your final product is translated properly so that your message is as effective as you intend for it to be.

At Lingosphere, we have a large group of professional Italian translators who understand the language and culture of the Italian people. Rather than provide you with stale and sterile Italian translations, we provide you with translations that take into consideration your target market, your industry, as well as the nature of your document or project.

Italian industry translation

  • Italian automotive translation
  • Italian advertising translation
  • Italian corporate translation
  • Italian environmental translation
  • Italian government translation
  • Italian IT translation
  • Italian marketing translation
  • Italian non-profit translation
  • And more >

Italian translation specialties

  • Italian business translation
  • Italian document translation
  • Italian financial translation
  • Italian legal translation
  • Italian medical translation
  • Italian multimedia translation
  • Italian technical translation
  • Italian website translation
  • And more >

Our translators have a proven ability to tailor their “voice” to your specific needs. The goal of your Italian translation is to convey a message and reach and audience. At Lingosphere, we help make that happen.

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