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Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based language translation agency with a team of professional Hindi translation specialists ready to help you expand your reach to the fast-growing Hindi population. We provide translations for a variety of industries, including mining, financial, marketing, life sciences, legal and more.

The fast growth of the Hindi language – the need for a Hindi translation specialist

Hindi, also known as Modern Standard Hindi, is a part of the Hindustani language, which is the native language for a variety of cultures spread out across Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, and parts of India. Hindi also has strong ties to Urdu, which is closely associated to the Muslim community. Both Urdu and Hindi are similar in structure and grammar, and, as such, are mutually intelligible. The differences in the two languages can be narrowed down to the source of vocabulary. Hindi takes its specialized vocabulary from Sanskrit, while Urdu uses Persian and Arabic.

As a complex, and deeply rooted language as Hindi, proper translations can be challenging. But add to that challenge how widespread a language Hindi is. When a language is as widespread as Hindi, strong regional dialects come into play. If you’re hoping to expand into the Hindi-speaking population, it’s important you know your specific region and target market. A professional Hindi translator will be able to adapt his translation to the region you’re targeting, to better convey your message to your audience. This includes factoring in the demographics of your audience, and any factoring social nuances. Our team of Hindi translators provide localized translations based on your target market, and localized to their specific region.

Hindi industry translation

  • Hindi automotive translation
  • Hindi advertising translation
  • Hindi corporate translation
  • Hindi environmental translation
  • Hindi government translation
  • Hindi IT translation
  • Hindi marketing translation
  • Hindi non-profit translation
  • And more >

Hindi translation specialties

  • Hindi business translation
  • Hindi document translation
  • Hindi financial translation
  • Hindi legal translation
  • Hindi medical translation
  • Hindi multimedia translation
  • Hindi technical translation
  • Hindi website translation
  • And more >

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