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With nine million speakers worldwide, Hebrew enjoys far more popularity as a language today than it did in 200 CE, when it ceased to be an everyday spoken language. While 7 million of those speakers live in Israel, people worldwide speak this language, including more than 200,000 Americans, making America the second largest population of Hebrew speakers. Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based translation agency providing professional Hebrew translations for written texts, online media, videos and audio recordings.

The durability of Hebrew

Because of its history of near extinction, the purity of the Hebrew language is of particular importance to its speakers. There’s a massive push to keep Hebrew the primary language of use in Israel, while preventing the incorporation of English words into every day use. In order to do this, in fact, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem invents roughly 2,000 new Hebrew words each year to describe modern words and terms that might otherwise be described with Americanized words.

Because of this push toward the purity of Hebrew, it’s absolutely necessary that anyone looking to expand to a Hebrew-speaking population do so by using pure, un-Americanized translations. Only the use of a professional Hebrew translator, such as the ones we offer at Lingosphere Group, can ensure that your translation will be respectful of the Hebrew language, while still conveying your intended message. Our translators remain up-to-date with the latest shifts in vocabulary and cultural nuances to provide you a Hebrew translation that will reach your audience and persuade them to act.

Hebrew industry translation

  • Hebrew automotive translation
  • Hebrew advertising translation
  • Hebrew corporate translation
  • Hebrew environmental translation
  • Hebrew government translation
  • Hebrew IT translation
  • Hebrew marketing translation
  • Hebrew non-profit translation
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Hebrew translation specialties

  • Hebrew business translation
  • Hebrew document translation
  • Hebrew financial translation
  • Hebrew legal translation
  • Hebrew medical translation
  • Hebrew multimedia translation
  • Hebrew technical translation
  • Hebrew website translation
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