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French Translation

Lingosphere Group is a leading provider of French translation services. Our team of French translators are able to provide finished products in a variety of formats, including written text, voice-overs, dubbing, audio recordings, and online content.

French translation and voice over project for Exogen produced by Lingosphere

Translating each style of French

Hiring a French translator is not as straightforward as looking online or through a directory. French is a widely spoken and diverse language with many forms and variations, based on the region in which it’s spoken. European French varies from Canadian French or even the French spoken throughout Africa. If you’re looking to expand into a French-speaking market, it’s important to work with a translator who knows that specific region or market intimately. Beyond the variances found in the language, the cultures of these regions are starkly different. You wouldn’t approach an audience from Senegal in the same manner as you would an audience from Montreal.

At Lingsophere, we match you with a French translator who knows your target culture firsthand. This often times includes the translator either living in the region of your target market, or visiting there frequently to remain acquainted with the cultural nuances of the area.

Furthermore, we have an extensive team of French translators, which allows us to provide you with a translator who has an expertise within your industry. This will ensure that your translation is accurate and appropriate for your target market.

French industry translation

  • French automotive translation
  • French advertising translation
  • French corporate translation
  • French environmental translation
  • French government translation
  • French IT translation
  • French marketing translation
  • French non-profit translation
  • And more >

French translation specialties

  • French business translation
  • French document translation
  • French financial translation
  • French legal translation
  • French medical translation
  • French multimedia translation
  • French technical translation
  • French website translation
  • And more >

French is a popular language spoken throughout the world. Expanding to this market can certainly have positive effects for any business. However, it’s important that for whatever reason you require French translations, you seek out the work of a professional agency, such as Lingosphere Group.

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