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Your company or small business will likely need to translate some type of communication into Chinese at one point or another. Chinese is the fastest growing language on the planet and has solidified its position as an influential language in business-related matters. Lingosphere Group is a leader in Chinese Translation Services, offering precise and professional translations in a variety of industries, targeting any and all subsections of the vast Chinese language.

Chinese sublanguages

To say you translate Chinese is a bit misleading, as Chinese is an umbrella term for a variety of sublanguages. At Lingosphere, we don’t just say we provide Chinese translations.

Our Chinese Translation Services:

Our team of translators is expert in each of these languages as well as the cultural and social nuances of these regions.

In an effort to reach the world, you have to start with Chinese

There’s no question that Chinese is one of the most influential languages in the world. If you’re goal is to expand your market reach, it’s wise to start with Chinese, as you’ll be able to target 1/5 of the planet’s population. However, when translating any of your projects into Chinese, it’s absolutely imperative that you know the exact region and sublanguage that represents your audience. Choosing the wrong language or dialect for your translations could do more harm than good. At Lingosphere, our translators make certain who your audience is, where they come from, and what special factors should be considered before finalizing any translation. It is our attention to detail that has helped us become an industry leader in Chinese translations.

Chinese industry translation

  • Chinese automotive translation
  • Chinese advertising translation
  • Chinese corporate translation
  • Chinese environmental translation
  • Chinese government translation
  • Chinese IT translation
  • Chinese marketing translation
  • Chinese non-profit translation
  • And more >

Chinese translation specialties

  • Chinese business translation
  • Chinese document translation
  • Chinese financial translation
  • Chinese legal translation
  • Chinese medical translation
  • Chinese multimedia translation
  • Chinese website translation
  • Chinese technical translation
  • And more >

We offer professional translations for written documents, audio recordings, video voice-covers and dubbing, online content and more.

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