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Lingosphere is an NYC-based Transcription Services Agency that provides both standard and technical transcription services. With expert and certified medical and legal transcribers, we can provide a wide array of transcription services for any industry in almost any language.

Whether you need transcription services for an interview, word-for-word conversations, focus groups, research groups, reports, meetings,  conference calls, dictation services,  podcasts, seminars, or counseling sessions, simply send us your source or copy of your source and we will assign the job to one of our expert transcribers promptly. Some source formats we can work with are audio sound files (.mp3, .wav, .aif), DVD and video files, CDs, and cassettes. Below you can read more about the fields we have expert transcribers in:

  • Legal Specialist fields include personal injury litigation, criminal, family, wills & estates, technology, franchising, employment and commercial law for the producing of correspondence, case notes, court documents such as statements, affidavits, orders and subpoenas, wills and associated documents and client briefs to counsel.
  • Medical Our medical specialties include orthopedics, neurology, radiology, psychology, cardiology, plastic surgery, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric oncology, family medicine and rehabilitation therapists, clinical notes, rehabilitation plans, discharge summaries, operative reports, medical legal reports and administrative documents.
  • Business Government practices, board and executive minutes, day to day correspondence, memorandums, reports and speeches.
  • Media Working with multimedia companies and professionals across the world transcribing movie scripts, training videos, e-learning, voice over, journalist interviews for television and radio, conferences and other TV and radio broadcasts.

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