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It takes more than knowing a language to provide professional quality voiceovers. As the leader in NYC voiceover services, Lingosphere Group understands the importance of delivering your message in the right tone, manner, and language, in order to capture your audience and convey your message. We’re capable of providing our New York City clients with unparalleled voiceover and dubbing services because of our large database of voiceover specialists who can deliver your message in more than 150 languages. Combine that with our state-of-the-art studio in Manhattan, and our team of producers and engineers, and it’s no wonder why we continue to be New York City’s preferred choice for voiceovers and dubbing.

Communication is no longer restricted to texts

Years ago, businesses looking to succeed in New York City, and expand globally, were able to do so by simply employing the benefit of a document translator. While document translators are still very much in need, businesses hoping to reach an increasingly vast and varied market must also learn to adapt to the digital age. When it comes to adaptation, voiceover and dubbing for multimedia projects, including TV spots, radio commercials, training videos and more are becoming strikingly important. How can you be sure that your 21st century multimedia projects are as effective to a foreign-speaking audience as they are to native speakers?

You employ professionals in the field of voiceover and dubbing.

Precision and professional-sounding production

At Lingosphere, we provide our NYC clients with a complete solution to their voiceover and dubbing needs. We don’t just have a large database of translators and New York voice talent. We don’t just have sound engineers or one of the most advanced recording studios in the industry. We have it all. As such, we can provide our clients with everything they need to ensure their audio, video, and online multimedia projects are accurately translated, and delivered in a professional package that will make an impact with any audience.

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