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At Lingosphere, we are among the leaders in the world of video translation, providing clients throughout NYC and beyond with fully translated video projects that are tailored to specific audiences and cultures throughout the world. Through our use of certified linguistic experts (representing more than 150 languages), respected sound engineers and producers, as well as our fully equipped, state-of-the-art recording studio in downtown Manhattan, we have the resources, talent and experience to provide our clients in NYC with video translation services that are unmatched anywhere else.

What does it mean to provide video translation services?

Many of our clients are unsure of what  - exactly – video translations are. They do differ from video localization services (another service we provide), in that with our video translations, we focus heavily on the words written and spoken on the video.

It takes a fair amount of time and money to create a video from scratch. Having to recreate that video several times over, to tailor it to a wide variety of international audiences, can become far too costly for many companies. However, with our NYC video localization services, you no longer have to recreate your video a handful of times. We take your existing content, and provide dubbing and subtitling support in order to make your video understandable – and effective – in other languages.

With access to the most prestigious and experienced NYC voice talent, we can assure you that we have a a voice actor who will not only be able to translate your video content into your desired language, but will do so in a tone and delivery that suits your message and is appropriate for your audience.

The growth of NYC video translation

Video production has been a longstanding tradition in NYC. As a city filled with global cultures, as well as businesses that reach all four corners of the world, it’s no wonder that NYC video translation has taken off so remarkably. If your company has any plans to develop videos for in-house training, marketing materials, eLearning courses, or more, it’s more than likely you’ll need expert video translation services.

In NYC, Lingosphere is the pioneer of video translation.

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