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Localization goes above and beyond translating. While translations focus primarily on the conversion of one text to another, localization involves the “translation” of text, images, colors, music, and more. In short, localization is the act of adapting any product or destination (website) to a specific region or culture. This is a particularly complex process that many translation firms fail to perform correctly. Businesses must get their word across accurately, but fitting for each specific culture and ethnic group. Lingosphere Group of NYC has the experience, reputation, and team of localization experts to provide you localization services for all of your projects, be they print, video, audio, or online.

Localization for all mediums

Localization seems like a relatively new concept (though its not), particularly since the world is fast becoming interconnected. Businesses in Tallahassee can sell their goods or services to an audience in Tehran with the click of one button. Never has there been a time that localization is needed, than now. But business today is conducted in a variety of forms, not just through documents. At Lingosphere we provide service for a wide variety of areas including:

When translations aren’t enough

Now that we have access to a worldwide audience, we have to understand that our way of thinking does not transfer over to every other culture. Just because red is often associated with love in the U.S., does not mean that’s the case in Japan. Nor is a style of music in a China commercial going to be as effective to a Canadian audience. At Lingosphere Group, we ensure that your final product not only contains the right words for your target audience, but that it also presents itself appropriate as one complete package.

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