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The term e-learning has become embedded into the fabric of global business. Companies throughout the world are providing training opportunities to audiences who don’t speak English as their first language, which has made it a challenge to provide these people with the information and skills necessary to advance. e-learning localization has become a vital component of business operations. Lingosphere Group is an industry leader in e-learning translation, localization, and engineering, helping businesses reach their international audiences.

e-Learning localization and engineering project for IBM produced by Lingosphere

At Lingosphere, we help you overcome the challenges of e-learning.

Our e-learning services reach beyond translations. We strive to provide our clients with the most effective and comprehensive e-learning products, including simulations, tests, games, videos, graphic and audio, all within your localized e-learning course. Our team of translators and engineers are capable of converting your course into more than 150 languages. We set out to match you with translators who are expert in your specific niche or industry, and we ensure each translator and engineer is well versed in popular e-learning software including:

    • Articulate (Studio /Storyline)
    • Lectora
    • Camtasia
    • Adobe Captivate ( and all other products)
    • Flash

What can we provide you for your e-learning materials?

• We translate and engineer on-screen and voiceover material and provide audio narration and voiceover recording
• We offer a complete production of English language courses
• We analyze and prepare scripts for translation and audio narration
• Our production studio is capable of engineering and integrating all translated content and voiceovers into the course authoring tool
• We provide separate or all-in-one package options for courses
• We use third-party linguistic testing of all translations and the final product to ensure 100% accuracy

What if your course was initially developed without localization in mind?

Not all courses are easily localized because of the way they were created. In these instances we offer a variety of options, including:

• Reproducing the course
• Using supplementary options (subtitles or additional voiceovers)

Contact us today to get a quote for translating, dubbing and converting your existing English language courses to over 100 languages.

Our Clients Include:

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