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Lingosphere provides localization services to clients all over the world

Lingosphere offers global localization solutions in a variety of areas such as:

    • Translation Services: Our team of translators has an expertise in a wide variety of industries and regional dialects, ensuring your translation properly conveys your message to an international audience.
    • E-Learning Localization: eLearners come from across the globe, providing you an opportunity, and challenge, to expand your courses or training materials to a wider audience. We help translate and localize your e-learning materials into more than 150 languages.
    • Voice Over Services: The way in which your message is delivered is just as important as the words within the message. Our team of voice cover actors can adapt your audio message into a variety of languages.
    • Subtitling Services: If your project needs subtitling, we offer the most comprehensive service available. We provide captions and subtitling for diagonal and analog video and incorporate all relevant part of your project, including dialogue, signs and other text within a video.
    • Graphics Services: Often overlooked as a vital step in localization, your print and graphic materials must be translated and localized in order to reach your global audience. Our specialized graphic translators will ensure your final product speaks to your target audience.
    • Transcription Services: We have a team of expert and certified medical and legal transcribers capable of transcribing documents for any industry in most languages.

We also provide certified or standard document translation, technical document translations, DTP, voiceover and multimedia, websites, software and many more. Click below for a more detailed description, or contact us for more information!

Why is professional localization so important?

The process of localizing a document or product requires extensive research and skill by the localization expert. Today’s business climate is truly global and in order to reach a worldwide audience, terms, product names, and taglines need to fit within a country’s norms and acceptable practices. It is extremely important not only to properly translate your text, yet, to also take in consideration a language’s specifics. Knowledgeable translators should be able to not only professionally translate given text, yet they must also be able to follow idioms, cultural rule of thumb, and essentials of a language.

What comes standard with all Lingosphere services and makes us stand out in the translation market?

  • Quality Assurance – Lingosphere follows the ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 standards toward commitment to quality. We also provide the assurance that our clients will be satisfied with our work.
  • Confidentiality – We maintain confidentiality as the core value of our business. We ensure proper safeguards are met, whether it is a secure computer not connected to the internet, or pass key encrypted document, we will never let our clients down
  • Project management – We will assign you an experienced project manager, who will be working with you from the beginning (quoting, scheduling, project scope, etc), and will follow until completion of the project making sure that you and your client are absolutely satisfied.

Our Clients Include:

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