Nonprofits and Translation Needs


Breaking Down Language Barriers

nonprofits and language translation needs

The purpose of a highly successful non-profit agency is to help the community or planet in some way. That means reaching out a hand to whomever, or whatever is in need, regardless of color of skin, religion, economic status, or, of course, chosen language.

While globalization is resulting in the merger and neighboring of languages and cultures, nonprofits are, perhaps, the most affected by this phenomenon. Not only do nonprofits often work with populations within American that speak a different language, but nonprofits often conduct work outside these borders, in regions of the world including Africa and Asia. Just by the very nature of work that nonprofits focus on, these organizations often find themselves dependent on professional language translators to help them communicate.

There are plenty of reasons why a nonprofit would require the use of a translator, including:

  • To engage cultures across the globe
  • To let the world know about your mission and efforts
  • To discover what people are saying about your organization

Nonprofits are often tasked with helping other cultures and nations improve their lifestyle, healthcare, education, to reinforce human rights, or perhaps to respond to natural disasters. Regardless of your specific mission, you’re likely working with people and cultures scattered across the globe, meaning you face a good deal of linguistic challenges along the way.

Nonprofits breaking down language barriers

The realities of a nonprofit’s constraints

Nonprofits are usually confined to extremely strict timelines and budgets, thus obstacles such as language barriers can be a significant inconvenience. For example, following a natural disaster, when tensions are high and people are in fear, not being able to convey your message can results in disastrous results. In this example, being able to communicate in an instance can help save lives.

While not every moment is life and death, every moment of your non-profit’s mission is important.

From translating press releases, testimonials, case studies, localizing your outreach materials (including websites), and interpreting a conversation, having access to a world of languages is an invaluable tool for any nonprofit.

Nonprofits are realizing a greater need to align themselves with trusted language translation agencies that can help them better communicate with any group or population, so that the work of the organization can be performed without hangup or holdup. This is even more evident in the 21st century, when it’s not just major languages (Chinese, Spanish, French) that nonprofits are exposed to, but many smaller, lesser-known languages as well. Nonprofits that want to impact the world, without the burden of language barriers, greatly benefit from working with professional language translators.

The costs of speaking to the world

Of course, as mentioned earlier, non-profits are often restricted to the confines of a tight budget. How, then, can a nonprofit organization afford to work with a translation agency? Of course, one could argue that nonprofits simply can’t afford not to budget in the costs of a translation professional.

However, that’s a bit presumptuous and unfair. Every dollar matters when you work for a not-for-profit, which is why at Lingosphere Group, we work hard to offer nonprofits the highest quality language translations, at a cost that is reasonable and affordable. For more than a decade we’ve been the chosen service provider for dozens of nonprofits looking to spread their message and communicate effectively with the world. We’re on a mission to help you complete your mission. Learn more now.

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nonprofits and language translation needs

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