New York City Legal Translation Company


For New York City law firms, Lingosphere Translation and Localization Group is a local company that can deliver certified or notarized translations conveniently by messenger.


Fast, 100% accurate and local. Lingosphere Translation and Localization Group specializes in legal translations that are each of these things and much more. We’re the “go to” New York City legal translation company. Our expertise in all areas of law allows us to provide firms with language and litigation support that will help win cases.

About Us

Our company is located in the heart of New York City, which makes us the perfect partner for legal translation projects. Our team of translators, transcriptionists and interpreters has saved our clients countless hours and dollars by providing them with language and litigation services. We have a vast network of professional translators across the globe which is comprised of attorneys as well as linguists with strong backgrounds in law.

At Lingosphere Translation and Localization Group, our project managers oversee every project from beginning to end. All of our projects are also reviewed numerous times and cross checked for absolute accuracy.

Expedited Services For The NYC Area

For more than 15 years, we have provided both large and small clients in New York City with convenient, expedited legal translation services. Whether your firm’s project is highly complex or simple, Lingosphere Translation and Localization Group is able to manage it flawlessly. If the deadline is urgent – we can meet that as well.

New York City legal translation company

Interested In Learning More?

If you are searching for a New York City legal translation company, find out how we can assist your firm with legal translation and interpretation projects. Contact us today for a quote.


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