Social Media and the Growing Need for Translations

If social media has done nothing else since its introduction into the technological landscape, it’s socialized the globe and has made it easier than ever for cultures and people – thousands of miles apart – to coexist in real time. … Continue reading


Investing in business translation is a must for long term success

  Whether you’re a large corporation or the owner of a small shop in a tiny neighborhood, the reality is that in today’s world, you have a global audience. From your website garnering traffic from across the world, to your … Continue reading

business translation for long-term success

10 Translation Errors That Could Have Been Avoided

Finding the right word isn’t always easy – whether or not a translation is involved. Yet the difference between the right word and wrong word could be the difference between a successful business venture, and one that flops. When translating … Continue reading

10 translation errors

Translators vs. Interpreters – what’s the difference?

When a business is in need of language translations, what kind of language translation service do they actually need – translators or interpreters? It might seem like a silly question to you, for one of two reasons: 1. Either you … Continue reading

translators vs. interpreters

Website Localization – It’s More Than Words

In a world that relies on sights and sounds, a localized website isn’t just about the X’s and Y’s The web is a mighty and vast place, and despite some people thinking that the majority of web users are fluent … Continue reading

what is website localization

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