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Technology is a complex niche that’s made even more complex by its ever-growing and changing nature. New advances come alongside new terms and phrases, making it difficult for anyone to keep up, particularly when working with an international audience. Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based translation agency that provides technology translations for businesses that deal with technological terms, IT firms and computer consultants across the globe.

Taking on the challenge of technology

When it comes to technology, language isn’t the only issue. It’s also a matter of deadlines and a natural fast-paced environment. You can’t afford to work with a translator who’s new to the game. Regardless of your translation needs, Lingosphere Group provides clients with a technological expert who is also a professional translator.

Our translators stay apprised of all technological changes and progressions so that they don’t slow you down during your translation project. It’s vital that our team of expert translators remain relevant and current in a field that changes with each passing day.

We have the capability of translating technology documents into more than 150 languages and can deliver your final product in a wide variety of mediums, including audio, video, web content and, of course, written documents.

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