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Social media really does live up to its name. Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account can have in-depth conversations and virtual relationships with someone from the other side of the world. This is a very exciting prospect for businesses looking for a way to reach an international audience in a manner that’s both natural and professional. While social media alone can help businesses expand globally, only by working with a social media translation agency, such as Lingosphere Group, can businesses be certain that the messages they deliver on social media are appropriate, accurate, and help them on their mission toward growth and expansion.

With social media you must know your audience

One of the greatest attributes to social media can also be its biggest detriment – ease. It’s extremely simple to type up 140 characters, hit “POST” and watch your message reach places you’ve never been to before. However, sending a generic post in one language, in the hopes of reaching a global audience is extremely counterproductive. Furthermore, using some online translation tool as your method of choice for converting posts to your foreign followers can do more harm than good.

When you’re looking to use social media to push toward new markets, it’s vital that you know your audience. A social media translator, such as the ones we offer at Lingosphere, not only have an expertise in their chosen languages, but they are also experts on your target cultures. Furthermore, they know what it takes to create effective social media messages that work for the 21st century consumer of your target market.

It takes more than a translator to speak the language of today’s global social media community. It takes an expert translator with experience in the world of social media. At Lingosphere Group, we offer you highly qualified translators who know how to help you use social media to meet your goals.

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