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Legalese is often used to describe complex terminology and hard-to-understand language, and for good reason. Legal documents are extremely complicated, intricate and nearly impossible to digest, even in one’s own language. Adding a foreign language into the mix makes legalese that much more difficult. Lingosphere Group is a translation agency in NYC that offers legal translation services for contracts, court cases, as well as court interviews. Our legal translators have a vast background in U.S. law as well as international law.

Throughout the world, law is not equal

The legal system set up in the United States differs from every other country in the world. That can be said for any legal system. Each country has its own intricacies and laws. A legal translator needs to not only be well versed in the language of his choice, but of the legal system of that particular country.

We have a strong group of legal translators who have an extensive background in the legal system of their chosen countries. This allows us to provide you with legal translations that not only pass the test of vocabulary, but of the complex laws of your target audience.

We can provide legal translations for the following:

      • Summons and complaints
      • Eventiary  documents
      • Judicial proceedings and opinions
      • Foreign statutes
      • Contracts
      • Certificates
      • Trademarks
      • Copyrights
      • Corporate documents
      • Tax documents
      • Sales contracts
      • Legal contracts
      • Patents
      • Appeals
      • Interviews
      • And much more

Learn how we can help you in a foreign market. Contact us today to get a quote for our legal translation services.

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