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NYC-based Lingosphere Group provides worldwide companies with IT translations, through are extensive team of IT linguists who are capable of converting text into more than 150 languages. As technology continues to become the driving force of business, working with an IT translation agency is vital toward a company’s long-term success. Lingosphere provides businesses in most industries professional translations that are affordable, certified, and completed within your necessary time frame.

The complex nature of IT translations

IT, or Information Technology, is an extremely complex and exact field, with words, phrases and terms that are completely unique to itself. Providing accurate translations to the IT sector is a challenge few translation agencies can excel at. Lingosphere is an exception.

We have an extensive group of IT specialists who are also professional linguists and translators in their chosen language. Our IT translation professionals include project managers, web designers, programmers, editors and more. This allows us to provide our clients with a translator who is not only well versed in his chosen language, but also has the necessary, hands-on experience to truly understand the complexities of the IT sector.

Types of IT translations we offer

  • Safety guides
  • Product manuals
  • Tech standards
  • Design layouts
  • User interface
  • Websites
  • Training documents
  • E-learning and multimedia courseware
  • Test reports
  • And more

The most effective way to stay ahead in this ever-growing tech world is to be able to speak to your global audiences, clients, and colleagues in their language. Our IT translation services can help.

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