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Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based provider of government translation services. We work with city, state, and federal-level agencies, providing translations services ranging from document translations to translating and recording audio and video projects.

Vietnamese translation and subtitling project for the US Government produced by Lingosphere

Why it’s important to work with a translator experienced in government

Governmental affairs are unlike anything in the private sector. Translators with a background in corporate finance or technology may not be the best match for your government-based projects. That’s because government translators need to have a vast background including understanding law, accounting, finance, marketing, and, of course, political science.

At Lingosphere, we’ve compiled a team of government translators who not only have the ability of translating into more than 150 languages, but who also have extensive experience in the public and government sector.

In the public sector, it’s all about the people

One of the key components to government is being able to convey a message to a wide range of people. While private-sector workers may have a more narrowed audience, government officials must be ready to deliver a message to an audience of great and varying backgrounds. Our team of government translators understands the complexities of this, which is why we commit a great deal of time to getting to know your target audience, prior to providing a final translation.

We have experience providing document and multimedia translations to a variety of government entities including schools, public transportation agencies, education, immigration, community affairs, social services and more.

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