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Many people misunderstand what environmental translation really is. While many environmental companies, agencies, and organizations require the need of environmental translations in order to reach a global audience, in reality any company whose work or existence impact the environment (essentially every company), could benefit from environmental translation services. NYC-based Lingosphere Group is a translation agency with an extensive background providing environmental translations for companies and organizations throughout the world.

Understanding what environmental translations really are

There is a growing global concern these days over the environment. That’s because we now realize that what a company in China does to impact the environment can and will have a direct effect on people on the other side of the world. As a result, more and more companies and organizations are enlisting the services of environmental translators as a way to ensure they are adhering to the strict laws of a given region or reaching an international audience.

Who might need a translator?

The obvious entities that would require an environmental translator are folks who work in the environmental field; however, the need for these translations go far beyond that. Government agencies, mining companies, automobile manufacturers, financial institutions and more must all take into account the impact their business has on the environment. While other translators can help these clients speak to a wider, international audience, only a professional environmental translator can offer the level of expertise in this field necessary to provide accurate translations.

There is a specific terminology, and a unique attitude, that’s involved with environmental affairs. Working with a trained environmental translator will not only assure you’re conveying your message in the right language, but that it’s being delivered in a tone and manner that’s accurate for your target audience.

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