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Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based translation company proficient in providing quality automotive translation services for companies throughout the world. Our translators have extensive experience converting user manuals, service manuals, technical documents, warranties, CAD/CAM files, marketing materials and websites into more than 150 languages.

Why is an automotive translator needed?

Automotive companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) deal with extremely complex and technical products and terminology. These terms and phrases must be made simple in order to reach a global audience and sell cars and services.

Furthermore, car manufacturers are expected to tailor their content to meet the legal, language and cultural preferences of a worldwide audience. They also must ensure their manuals are translated into the dozens, if not hundreds of languages that represent the countries in which their products are sold. Most companies and manufacturers find it overwhelming to try to translate into dozens of languages as well as ensuring that all of this content is up-to-date. That’s where an automotive translator comes in.

What does it take to be an effective automotive translator?

It takes more than an understanding of foreign languages to be an effective translator for the automotive industry. It requires in-depth technical understanding of a highly specialized industry.

At Lingosphere, we understand that automotive translations can cover a wide range of translations, including car manuals, mechanical instructions, as well as marketing materials and website localization. We’ve compiled a team of translators specifically trained in the automotive industry in order to provide companies and manufacturers with a translated project that accurately conveys their original message and tone in a host of different languages.

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