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Administrators are responsible for dealing and communicating with a wide variety of individuals, oftentimes from an array of cultures and backgrounds. Administration translation encompasses multiple areas such as administering the management of a government or large institution as well as the activity of a government or state in the exercise of its powers and duties. Lingosphere Group is an NYC-based translation company helping administrators communicate with people and better convey their message.

Spanish translation and voice over project for the Montgomery County Public System produced by Lingosphere

The many types of administrators

Administrators come in many shapes, sizes and forms. From municipalities to small businesses, IT firms, corporations and more, administrators are found in most career settings. The job of an administrator is to help ensure that workflow and productivity are consistent and operate in a manner that helps the business or entity succeed. Without the administrator, most businesses would struggle to survive and run smoothly. A talented administrator knows how to make an office or work setting run at its optimal peak performance. But all too often language barriers get in the way, which is why many administrators seek Lingsophere Group to provide them with administration translation services.

Lingosphere helps you become more efficient

Our goal at Lingosphere Group is to provide administrators with the tools necessary to excel at their job. We provide a wide variety of administration translation services, including website localization, voiceover, dubbing, and translating documents focused on specific industries such as medical, legal, engineering and more.

Our team of translators is capable of converting text and multimedia projects into more than 150 different languages. We have a database of more than 2000 native speaking narrators who can help your audio project reach a wider audience and our state-of-the-art production studio in the heart of NYC is equipped with the latest in technology, ensuring your final product sounds, looks and is perfect.

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Our Clients Include:

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