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Language is such a personal and precise aspect of our lives and business. While we may accept the occasional misspeak during a friendly conversation, the same can’t be said for the business world. When it comes to translating and localizing your texts and multimedia projects, you need to be certain that the translations are performed with perfection, factoring in all contemporary and social nuances of the country and region you’re translating for.

That’s why people choose Lingosphere Group – because of our reputation for precision. Our team of professional translators represent more than 150 languages spoken across the world. Our mission is to help you and your business globally expand with confidence, by helping you tear down any and all language barriers.

Reach the world with Lingosphere

It’s been said plenty of times that business has gone global, and the companies willing to connect to their audiences through language will enjoy long-term success.

At Lingosphere, we echo that statement. However, business isn’t just global. It’s also innovative. Technology and multimedia are no longer features of a good business model – they are requirements. Thus, at Lingosphere, we’ve committed ourselves to becoming a 21st-century language translation firm. We do this by providing clients with a complete solution for their translation needs, including:

  • Text/Document Translation
  • E-Learning Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Voice-over Translations
  • Subtitling
  • Graphic Localization
  • Transcriptions

The 21st century business connects with its audience in a variety of ways: through the web, video, audio recordings, documents and more. At Lingosphere, our team of translators and production engineers will help you reach your international audience with precise translations, no matter what your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you globalize your message.

Our Clients Include:

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