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About Lingosphere Voice Talents

In order to provide our clients with professional voice over translations, Lingosphere Group employs a rather thorough and selective screening process to ensure we only hire the most talented professionals from across the globe.

But what exactly does it take to be a Lingosphere voice talent? Of course, at the core of it, is a voice. Many of our voice talents are some of New York’s top actors from Broadway and the screen. Stage actors have extensive training in projecting their voice clearly, while ensuring they maintain the same level of strength and consistency throughout a performance.

Stage actors are also able to deliver a message with a sincere amount of emotion and attitude. While a voice is – of course – important to becoming a voice talent, it’s more about how you use that voice to convey a message. Our clients require certain styles and manners of delivery for their projects, and we’re committed to being able to provide them the best, no matter what their specific needs.

It takes more than natural skill

Many people who are told that they have a “good voice” think that this is all that’s needed to make it as a voice talent. At Lingosphere, however, this just isn’t so. Voice talent is a profession, not a hobby. As with any profession, there is a fair level of training and experience required in order to excel. We’re not in the business of working with amateur or hobbyist voice talents. We’re exclusive with whom we allow join our team. This is what stands us apart from other providers.

While we’re selective on who we work with as voice actors, we encourage anyone with the necessary passion, experience, and talent to contact us directly to set up a time to discuss how they may fit as a member of the Lingosphere Voice Talent team.

Our Clients Include:

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